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Monday 24 July 2017


There has been much in the news lately about problems with leasehold conveyancing, with one newspaper declaring it the “ground rent scandal.” But what is leasehold property, and how could it affect yo...

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Thursday 13 July 2017

Could we one day be able to make Wills by email or text?

Well, the possibility of making a Will electronically is one of the things that the Law Commission has suggested in the consultation that it has launched today. They say that the laws surrounding Will...

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Tuesday 11 July 2017

Financial abuse of 102 year old lady

Recently the BBC reported on the conclusion and sentencing in a case involving financial abuse of a very elderly lady. This case is, thankfully, relatively unusual, ...

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Wednesday 21 June 2017

Litigation: Most Commonly Asked Questions

As part of a series of blogs exploring what our clients most frequently ask, we spoke to Emma Digby, Partner and head of the Litigation team here at Bell & Buxton... "As a litigator who has almost...

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Thursday 25 May 2017

Money, money, money!

From our newest litigator, Chris Dalby... "You may recently have read about a case where a Euromillions winner was sued by his own son. Dave and Angie Dawes, winners of a £101 million jackpot in Octob...

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Tuesday 09 May 2017

Colonel Herbert Hughes Centenary Dinner

From the President of the Sheffield and District Law Society, and one of our esteemed Partners, Charles Neal... "I was privileged to attend the Colonel Herbert Hughes Centenary Dinner at Cutlers Hall ...

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