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Bell & Buxton's Commercial Property team are experienced in advising on the sale and purchase of commercial premises. We can assist you through all stages of the transaction, and will make sure that the legal documents reflect what you have agreed and that your business interests remain protected throughout.

Instructing a specialist commercial property solicitor results in a faster transaction, often with costs savings, as we focus on the fundamental issues of the transaction and deliver advice in a commercial and practical manner.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, please contact us now for a cost estimate. We can offer fixed rate charges, where appropriate, on many commercial property transactions.

Please call Matthew Rodgers on 0114 220 2167 or email:

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An option is the right to convey a piece of property. The person granting the option is called the grantor and the person who has the benefit of the option is called the beneficiary.

Options typically exist in one of two forms:

"Call options", which give the beneficiary the right to require the grantor to sell or convey the property to them at the agreed price on the exercise of the option; and

"Put options", which give the beneficiary the right to require the grantor to buy or receive the property at the agreed price on the exercise of the option.

In relation to certain types of land option, an option must be registered in order to be binding on a third party.  Option Agreements can be complicated and we can assist by ensuring that your interests are best protected whether you are granting or taking an option.

If you have a query relating to an option, please call Matthew Rodgers on 0114 220 2167 or email:

"Property development" covers a wide range of activities from the refurbishment of an existing property to the acquisition of land and the obtaining of planning consent for the construction of a whole housing estate or commercial centre.

Whatever form of property development you undertake you need a specialist lawyer who knows what to look for to ensure that your project is successful.  From establishing that you have the necessary rights to connect an electricity supply to ensuring your neighbour doesn’t have the right to stop you building on your land, the solicitor needs to think like a developer to predict where problems might arise.

Bell & Buxton's specialist team will provide hands-on advice and ensure that legal issues do not crop up during the project which affect your ability to deliver the finished product on time and on budget.

Please call Matthew Rodgers on 0114 220 2167 or email:

A lease is a legally binding contract between the legal owner (landlord) and the occupier (tenant).  It can contain many important terms and failure by either party to comply with those terms could result in court action.

Our expert commercial property solicitors can assist by ensuring that the deal is properly reflected in the lease document and that important provisions such as rent review or insurance are appropriately drafted.  

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, please contact us if you have any queries relating to leased business premises.  Call Matthew Rodgers on 0114 220 2167 or email:

More useful information can be found here.

We can assist landlords and tenants on all aspects of their business lease, from the initial grant of the lease, through to bringing a lease to an end or renewing a lease.

Our commercial property solicitors have experience in:

  • Lease Surrenders;
  • Service Charge issues;
  • Rent Review advice;
  • Enforcement of Covenants;
  • Lease Renewals;
  • Assignments and Sublettings.

We can assist in bringing your particular issue to the best possible outcome.  Please call Matthew Rodgers on 0114 220 2167 or email:

Sometimes your business may need an extra injection of cash or you may need to finance a new project or you may be considering moving into a new market.

Our specialist team can help you by providing in-depth advice and assistance throughout the course of your refinancing matter. We have experience in acting for banks, borrowers and lenders in a range of different types of transactions.

We can assist with:

  • Personal guarantees;
  • Secured and unsecured loan facilities;
  • Mortgage documentation;
  • Facility letters;
  • Advising in relation to bank documentation;
  • Reports on title.

We can deal with all of these either on their own or as part of a larger transaction.  Please call Matthew Rodgers on 0114 220 2167 or email:

Farming businesses need specialist advice combining aspects of business and private law.

When making any decisions regarding a farming business it is important to consider the implications on the business as a whole, such as the effect on support payments, tenancies or the overall tax position, to name just a few. Our specialist solicitors have a good understanding of agricultural issues and the problems you might face.

We offer a full range of legal services and advice tailored to farmers, growers, landowners, agri-businesses and other rural enterprises, including:

  • Sales and purchases of agricultural and rural property including estates, farms, farmland, country houses and equestrian properties;
  • Secured lending on agricultural property;
  • Agricultural tenancies;
  • Residential tenancies and farm cottages including agricultural occupancy conditions and certificates of lawfulness;
  • Business tenancies for office and commercial property lettings;
  • Farm business restructuring including limited companies, partnerships, joint ventures, share farming and contracting arrangements;
  • Access to land including private rights of way, public rights of way, commons and village greens;
  • Planning and land development including clawback arrangements, options, pre-emptions, s.106 agreements;
  • Utility Company Wayleaves and telecommunication sites;
  • Covenants and easements affecting land.

Please contact Matthew Rodgers on 0114 220 2167 or email:


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