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The pricing options we give to clients to help fund our expert legal advice and assistance is something that sets us apart from other law firms.

We have dedicated pricing partners for each area of expertise which ensures that you are working with someone who has first-class knowledge of the relevant issues. Where other law firms only apply a strict ‘time spent’ option with invoices detailing daily conduct of the work done by each fee earner and the rate applicable to everyone, we take a different approach. Instead we offer different pricing options and will work with you more collaboratively to ensure your needs are at the centre of the pricing process.

Form working with our clients in this way, we understand what they want to see from their lawyers:

- More pricing and payment options
- Pricing transparency
- Cost-consciousness i.e. ‘spending’ our clients’ money with care, as if it were our own
- Open discussions between lawyer and client about pricing
- Pricing certainty and budgetary predictability - a ‘no-surprises’ policy
- Greater correlation between price on the one hand and the perceived value of the results achieved on the other hand
- Price risk sharing between our clients and us

So, what does this mean for you?

When you instruct Bell and Buxton Solicitors, from the outset we will establish your pricing priorities, these may include:

- Pricing choice
- Pricing certainty
- Price linked to result
- Fee risk sharing
- Payment choice

Having developed a clear understanding of what is important to you and the extent to which you wish to share any price risk, we will quickly develop pricing and possibly payment choices for you to select from.

The pricing choices may vary depending upon the nature of your case and include:

- Traditional hourly rates formula
- Fixed fees for the entire case and/or stages of the matter
- Collar arrangements
- Conditional fee agreements
- Damages based agreements

There are many other alternatives and combinations of them.

Our clients tell us that they much prefer to be given choice rather than being presented with a single option. Therefore, once you have chosen the pricing option that suits your needs best, we will then document the arrangement so that there is clarity as to the scope of our engagement, and any assumptions and exclusions that may apply.

Our goal is to ensure that you always feel you have had value for money and no surprises!