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Instructing a solicitor brings with it a whole host of benefits that you might not realise. Solicitors must abide by a professional code of conduct and are regulated by an independent body - the Solicitors Regulation Authority, this means we must always act in an ethical and professional manner. But just in case something goes wrong we also have insurance in place too.

Plus, just like doctors, solicitors spend many years being thoroughly trained and tested on their legal knowledge!

Email Communications

Email messages from us may contain confidential or legally privileged information. If you are not the intended addressee of an email from us, please reply to the sender immediately by email and do not disclose, store or make use of any information contained in our email message. Communicating by email carries certain risks which include delay, corruption of data, non-delivery, wrongful interception, amendment and other dangers. If you communicate with us by email we will presume that you have assumed these risks. 

We do not accept service of proceedings or of notices by email.

No reponsibility is accepted for the contents of emails unconnected with our business.

We will never tell you of changes to our bank details by email and nor will we accept changes to your bank details by email alone. If in doubt, ring us about any messages which look suspicious.