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GDPR and Home Working

06 April

GDPR and Home Working

Dos and don’ts for home working during the COVID-19 pandemic


  •  Use an encrypted, password protected laptop

  •  Use a strong password and change it regularly

  •  Ensure you have the latest anti-virus software installed and updated

  •  Back up your data regularly

  •  Look out for phishing emails and sites



  •  Use an unsecured (public) WiFi network

  •  Use a personal email address to send documents which may contain sensitive data

  •  Take hard copy sensitive data on public transport, without having appropriate security measures in place (i.e. locked briefcase)

  •  Leave your computer unattended

  •  Leave sensitive paperwork out where it can be seen by other family members


For any advice or assistance in relation to GDPR and Home Working issues, please contact Charlotte Higgins on 0114 220 1770 or email