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How do I claim the furlough leave grant from HMRC?

02 April

How do I claim the furlough leave grant from HMRC?

The past few weeks have been frantic for employers and employment lawyers alike. The following case study is a good example of the kinds of issue that employers are having to consider (in this case, furlough leave) at short notice, and the speed at

Last week I was contacted by a client, a company director. He had notified some of the company’s staff that they were to be placed on furlough leave, some more staff were to be similarly notified and the company was to run a skeleton staff only for the foreseeable future. He wanted to know how best to protect the company in terms of being able to claim the furlough leave grant from HMRC. At that time, Governmental guidance on how the furlough leave scheme was to work was sparse. I was able to advise the client on that issue, and on related points relevant to employment contracts and terms generally. 

Company staff then started asking perfectly reasonable questions, which the client referred to me: whilst on furlough leave, could they carry out voluntary work for the NHS, or unpaid work for other organisations? Could they still carry out work in respect of the company’s social media account? These questions then led to further questions from the client, as did the fact that, in the meantime, I advised him that the Government had now issued more detailed guidance as to the workings of the furlough leave scheme. I was able to provide further advice to him on issues such as the best time at which to review furlough leave provision for staff, and the conflict between the company taking advantage of furlough leave grants, and continuing to work and to provide a service for its customers and clients. 

What started as a seemingly simple query naturally developed into something much more involved. At this time, employers should take no chances when trying to look after their staff and to secure the future of the business. Changes are being made at pace but you can rest assured that we will be as responsive and as pragmatic as we can in how we support you as business owners trying to navigate through these challenging times. 

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