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Property Disputes...

07 August

Property Disputes...


Property Disputes…

Recently we have been embroiled in an increasing number of cases concerning disputed estates involving foreign property.

In most cases, it is not enough simply to have a Will prepared in the UK if you own land, property or any other asset in a foreign country. It may be necessary to have a second Will prepared under the local law of the country in which you have your assets. Although this may seen excessive, it is something which will not only protect your executors, but will prevent time and money being wasted as well as preventing unintended consequences.

Care should also be taken about the wording of all wills; they should always make it clear which assets are referred to and in which country they are to be found. A simple mistake in wording can create a potentially long drawn out legal battle for your executors!

This is not an area where anyone should think about trying to save costs doing it on a DIY basis!

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