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Charles B Neal qualified as a Notary in September 2014. He has a great deal of experience in international matters having begun his legal career studying Canon Law at the Pontifical University of Salamanca, Spain, over a three year period. This included not only study of Canon Law itself but also the Spanish Constitution and some aspects of Spanish Civil Law, particularly in relation to Church matters.

In September 2000 he began studies at Sheffield University for an LLB in European, International and Comparative Law again over a three year Degree Course. This Course included Public International Law, Private International Law (sometimes referred to as Conflict of Laws), European Law, European Structures and a semester in Helsinki University.  Here, in addition to international law from a Scandinavian perspective he also studied at close quarters the Finnish Constitution and Finnish Civil Law.

In 2012 to 2014 in order to complete his studies to qualify as a Notary he studied again Roman Law and Private International Law (Conflicts of Laws) and Notarial Practice itself.

English Law is fundamentally a Common Law non-codified system of Law which is followed in various ways by a number of countries throughout the world, notably USA (most States), Australia, most of Canada and other countries which have been influenced by Britain over the centuries. There are other systems of law but the second main one which is found in many countries is the Civil Law system which is found in many European countries growing out of the Roman Empire and codification in the 18th century. Many other countries outside Europe have adopted a similar system of law. Interesting Scotland is one of those countries which stands outside both systems and is more closely based on Roman Law than being based on Civil Law.

His International European and Civilian Law background makes him an excellent candidate as a Notary and his work as a Solicitor at Bell & Buxton in the Company, Commercial and Wills and Probate Departments give him a broad background dealing with both personal and commercial legal matters. Although Notaries are not necessarily qualified in the Law of any other particular country Charles B Neal does have an insight into the law of Finland, Spain and by extrapolation and experience some idea of other jurisdictions as well. All Notaries will refer a client to an expert in the particular jurisdiction for answers to questions which relate to the law of that country. 

When dealing with legal jurisdictions these are in fact more numerous than the countries themselves, federal states are made up of multiple jurisdictions, for example the United States of America has 52 jurisdictions.  In the United Kingdom, although we are not a federal state, we have 3 jurisdictions, England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  With the devolution to the Welsh Assembly even the jurisdiction within England and Wales is becoming fragmented and it is becoming evident that specific Welsh law now exists. As with all Notaries in England and Wales he is a Faculty for life.  The Faculty is to act as a Notary anywhere within England and Wales.

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