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Charles Neal

Charles Neal
Partner | Head of Private Client & Notary Public

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Making a Will allows you to decide what happens to your estate after your death. If you die without a Will, your estate is distributed amongst your relatives according to fixed rules, without reference to your wishes. This can often lead to distress, hardship and expense for your family and friends.

We encourage everyone to have a Will and to keep any Will that they do have under regular review.  Our experience in this field is informed by our experience in both general probate and in contentious probate.  This allows us to be aware of the pitfalls and consequences arising from a badly drafted Will. 

We have specialist knowledge in this field and the whole process will be handled by one of our experienced solicitors. We will help to clarify your ideas and requirements, whilst offering specialist, practical advice regarding tax planning, trusts and property law. Whatever your circumstances, making a Will ensures that you have peace of mind and the family and friends you leave behind will be provided for.

We take time to understand your needs so that we can advise you fully. Once you’ve made your decision about what to include in your Will, we will provide you with a working draft that can be amended until you are entirely happy with it.  We will deal with all the formalities required for validly executing a Will and safe storage of the original Will.

Information we’ll need from you

To draw up your Will, we will need to know several key things about you, your circumstances and your wishes. Therefore, to make the process more straightforward, it is a good idea to have a think about your wishes prior to our first meeting.

We will need to know:

• The full name and address of all the people named in the Will.

• A list of any specific gifts that you wish to make.

• A list of any/all assets/liabilities that you may have.

If you are interested in contacting us to make or to review a Will why not fill in our Will Instruction Form which you can then print out and send to us or bring with you to your appointment? This will provide our solicitors with the information they need to accurately prepare your Will as quickly as possible.

Keep your Will under review

Due to possible changes in your circumstances, those of your beneficiaries, or to the tax system, we would always recommend that you have your Will reviewed every three to five years. Once your Will is out of date, it is no better than having no Will at all.

Wills drawn up here at Bell & Buxton Solicitors can be placed in our deed store at Telegraph House at no charge, so updating your Will is a simple and quick procedure. We will always be on hand to offer you advice or answer any questions you may have. We will ensure that the writing of your Will is a stress free and simple experience!

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What our clients say
  • "We were very impressed with your services, couldn't fault you in any way."


  • “My law firm doesn’t offer a contentious trusts and probate service but we receive a significant number of enquiries which I try to help with. I have worked throughout the country, including for some other good Yorkshire firms, and I have always been aware of Bell and Buxton’s nationally renowned for your expertise in the field Contentious Trusts and Probate. It’s for this reason that I always refer clients to them for expert legal advice.”

    - Testimonial from a local Solicitor

  • "David Williams was outstanding in his attention to detail, clarity and efficiency. I have never had such exemplary service in dealing with solicitors."


  • "Martin was excellent in all our dealings with my mother and her Will and sorting this out for her. Always professional, but very approachable and honest."


  • "As ever, John proffered excellent advice and guidance in this matter. Bell & Buxton are now my 'go-to' for any legal requirements. I can (and do) rely on Bell & Buxton to provide an outstanding service. Bell & Buxton does not disappoint."